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Our Services

Since 1999, ALG operates in a very competitive environment to meet the specific needs of its customers. The projects in which we engage allow us to bring expertise and experience, with an excellent mastery of the country context. We make the difference with multiple competitive advantages in our business sectors.


Studies, Researches, Technical assistance and strategic management.


Transformational process, governance and institutional development


Identification of needs, development of training products, continuing training plans.

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Information system

Design and implementation of technological solutions, security and technical watch.


Management de projet et programme, Mécanismes de suivi et évaluation, Audit…


Rating and certification for non profit organizations and local governments

Our Approach

Our customers and partners often need to respond quickly to changes and other situations they face and take advantage of the opportunities available to them. But the circumstances are not always clear, and conventional wisdom is not always the right answer.
ALG helps leaders to always make better decisions, deliver ever-improving performance and create more values essential to economic and social development. Customers appreciate our ability to collect and analyze large volumes of information, identify critical observations and develop the optimal strategy supported by practical recommendations. For senior managers, the result is increased security around vital decisions.