Who we are

A professional services firm

ALG is a leading firm specialized in services and advice for international development in Africa. We provide services on strategy, organization and institutional development.

We operate in more than 12 areas related to governance, institutional and organizational development and information and communication technologies, with references from our most prestigious partners.

We offer world class consulting solutions in a rapidly changing environment across the African continent. Our consultants are involved in a wide variety of operations and projects, combining know-how and knowledge of the environment.

Since 1999, ALG has carried out dozens of projects, in more than 20 countries on the African continent, with the largest international development agencies.


Optimizing the performance of public administration

In a changing world where demands are becoming more and more numerous from a public which is more demanding than ever, public services have the duty to respect objective criteria of quality and efficiency. Whether it is health, education, water or sanitation services or even security or transport, the public service to achieve its objectives must be offered according to new criteria well mastered.

ALG work with the government ministries to act effectively on the levers which ensure on the one hand the good functioning of the public services, but also work to the efficiency of the agents assigned to these services.

We use suitable methods of strategic and operational planning to help managers of agencies and technical departments to provide the best solutions to user needs.

What we do

Strategy, Organization, Management

We serve our clients with experts who have the precise experience and expertise necessary to identify and understand the nature of the opportunities or challenges they face.

Our experts draw on a reservoir of first-hand knowledge, combined with sophisticated analytical skills and strategic ideas to help leaders increase performance around vital decisions. They approach commitments in a pragmatic way and with an open mind, in order to excel in services that require rigorous analysis with very tight deadlines.

In 18 years of missions and services, we have the largest database of experts in sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Organizational development
  • Corporate governance and organization
  • Transformational process
  • Strategic planning
  • Audit / Assessment
  • Information systems integration
  • Program management.

Capacity Building

  • Training needs assessment
  • Design and production of training products
  • Implementation of continuing education program
  • Design and production of training materials.


  • Diagnostic studies
  • institutional development
  • Design of legislative and regulatory frameworks
  • Technical assistance to administrations, Associations and companies
  • Change management.

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