Africa remains the region of the world where it is least successful. At birth, an African has one chance in six never to reach the age of five, swept away by malaria, multiple infections or AIDS. Those who survive have a one in two chance of being malnourished and living below the poverty line, averaging only 48 years (30 years less than in most developed countries). 6% of children will be infected with the AIDS virus (against less than 1% elsewhere). In addition,
Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are progressing and accidents – especially road accidents – are among the leading causes of death in the region.

But all is not so dark and this state of the place also wants hope. “Everywhere we see tangible signs: Africa is finding African solutions to its health problems,” says WHO. Among
These encouraging signs, leprosy, poliomyelitis or onchocerciasis are being eradicated. Moreover, the number of measles deaths has decreased by more than 50% since 1999.

Africa Label Group supports states and public institutions in the assessment, design and implementation of public health policies and programs.

A decentralized entity faced the demotivation and under-qualification of its health personnel. Implementation of the new Resource Management Strategy
ALG has made it possible to improve services in the sector.

Africa Label’s interventions in the field of public health cover a wide range of services, including:

The audit of health facilities,
The development of a personnel management policy
Diagnostic study of health system
Management of health risks
Health economics.